Communication plays a major role and the increasing conversation between the school and the parents i.e the best for the amiable development of the students. Any mistake in communication can cause a lot of distraction which can easily stay away and preventable, and this module looks after it. manual work of attendance fills. Attendance module is user-oriented and user-friendly for STUDENTS

Circulars and SMS can be provided for effective communication between teachers and parents. Moreover, daily remarks related to the behavior, participation in various events, and others can be shared with parents so that the corrective measures can be taken without no time. The event calendar is also included with the pre-arrangement of the event where the notification is sent on the pre-scheduled date through SMS and mobile application. School through this module can collectively send an email to any type of nature and parents. In addition, mobile app notifications can be sent to parents in real time, which are seen immediately.

At any time, any form of communication sent through this module can be seen immediately by teachers and guardians. No matter how old the communication is, it is stored for reference during any occasion. The presence of the guardian, their issues and concerns, class teacher's comments and subject teachers can also be registered and registered during the presence of the guardian (teacher).