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Payment is arguably the best part of running an ecommerce business, but what online payment gateway should you use? This is a decision that used to be very simple for businesses, because there were only a few major players on the block. Over the past several years, a wide variety of new payment gateways has changed all over the web, providing reliability and ease of use, which seemed impossible a few years ago. Today, companies like Venom, Stripe, Paypal and Squire are just the beginning so choose the best option for you.

Choosing the good and right payment gateway can be a big challenge in now those days.Every and Each of the major online payment gateways has its pros and cons,with each presenting a whole host of potential for build and growing your e-commerce business. With the good and right payment option, you will be able to accept both credit card payments and online payments in short time period.

Some considerations

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Pay :

How much does a service cost you to use ?


Which countries can negotiate with this payment gateway?

Customer experience:

What does the customer experience when using a payment gateway?


Given your current website and e-commerce platform,the payment gateway most basically integrates?

Processing times:

How long does it take time for your funds and services to get from the payment gateway and into your account? These are the topline payment gateway. However it doesn't matter what type of business take place.