Short Message Service

Stands for "Short Message Service". SMS is used to send text messages to mobile phones. SMS was originally designed for phones that use GSM (Global System for Mobile) communication, but now all major cell phone systems support it.

While SMS is commonly used for text messaging between friends or colleagues, there are many other uses of it. For example, membership SMS services can broadcast weather, news, game updates and stock quotes for users' phones. SMS sales employees, service stoppages and other information can notify according to their business. The doctor can get an SMS message about the patient's emergency situations.

Duke provide the software from which communication take place between student and teachers with the help of message.This provide all information of student and other to their parents.All notification can be provided to the students through the sms.

SMS Features

The unique features of SMS that make it an attractive proposition for users is

  • Only basic knowledge of computers is required for the operation of SMS. As it has a user-friendly application interface.
  • SMS is Customizable and User Configurable
  • Better coordination between student teacher, parent institute, teacher- teacher and teacher - management increases quality and effectiveness of education and institution and increased transparency of operations at all levels.
  • SMS has pre-defined reports. These are used for normal reporting as well as Student & teacher development purpose. Additionally.
  • SMS can be easily customized for their own customized reports.