• The Inventory module deals with all sundry purchases, issuance of items and maintenance of stock availability.
  • Purchase order generation with complete details.
  • Complete in ware and out the ware stock summary.
  • Any level of grouping and item classification categories wise.
  • The Number of configurable units of measurement and conversion.
  • Purchases and Purchase returns can be made with purchase tax calculation
  • Supplier payments tracking & reflected in the account payment voucher.
  • Scraped item details can also be recorded.
  • Item Sales / Issue details can be recorded.
  • Stock adjustment can be made in case of invalid stock.
  • Details like Sales, Purchase, Stock adjustment and scrap can also be viewed.

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Duke Infosys financial management and accounting software solutions help you streamline all of your school’s most essential business functions. Our solutions integrate you are important financial, budgeting and procurement data, as well as centralize tasks and processes throughout your school.

Focus budget decisions on results and outcomes

  • Vouchers Entry
  • Cash Book
  • Daybook
  • Trial Balance