Duke Infosys provide the complete library management and automation solution that enables information providers, managers, resource in charge, resource managers & librarians to manage & disseminate information available in various kind of resources including

Print Material Non - Print Material
Book CD
E-Journal DVD
Article E-Journal
Dissertation / Thesis Audio Cassette
Newspaper Video Cassette
Maps Scanned Images
Charts Audio Files
Project Video Files
Reports Floppies and many more.

Key Functions of library management while work in duke infosys:


The catalog is based on the AACR2 standard. Rules have been programmed to provide consistent and accurate cards. Cards are available in standard 5 "x 3" sizes. The user can choose to print on the card or A4 laser sheets. The GUI has been simplified by everyone for the same and quick usage. List of books, CDs, magazines, magazines, annual reports, project reports, presentations, PDF files and many more is possible. Users can easily add up to 20 different areas in different ways to enter new and upcoming resources data.


In Duke Infosys Acquisition plays an important role. Here users and Members of the Library can submit their idea for procurement of resources to the Librarian. In Acquisition, it will provide the idea, a proposal requesting, Quotation Comparison, Purchasing, Invoicing, and Accessioning is smoothly and effectively handled in the library.


Circulation is based on the rules configured by the Librarian. With the use of Barcode and RFID technology, we can perform an event. Because of the totally advanced and clear system, anyone can perform the task of circulation. User ID-cards with barcode and photograph can be easily generated and used by the Library.

Salient Features of library software

  • Search imports and records are done in a library system.
  • Auto Scheduled Tasks - eMails, Database Maintenance etc..
  • Provides Digital References for Books & Other Items including (URLs, PDFs)
  • Extensive web OPAC for online search of information
  • User configurable web OPAC
  • Supports Unicode (Multilingual)
  • Supports Multi-Users Environment and Multi-Location Web Interface
  • Web Interface
  • Multimedia Resource Management
  • Barcode Printer-Friendly
  • MS Office 2007 Compatible
  • Faster & Optimized web OPAC

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