Configurable Entities
  • ‘n’ number of Pay Scales
  • n’ number of Designations with printing priorities preferences Allowances, Deductions, and Remittances
  • User Defined Formula Based Allowances, Deductions, and Remittances
  • Salary Calculation
  • Salary generation
  • Designation wise / Employee wise
  • User-Friendly Employee Record Tracking System
  • Promotion and Increment of Employee
  • Provision for providing Arrears deductions and Payments (e.g. DA arrears/ PF Loans or any other Allowance or Deduction)
  • Employee wise Advance Income Tax calculation and Income Tax Calculation
  • Easy Search through multi-option like Employee Name, his Father’s, Spouse and Nominee name, Transport Options, Qualifications, Important Dates (e.g. date of appointment, annual increment, retirement, etc.)


  • Monthly Salary Statements & Salary Slip
  • Monthly Bank Statement/ PF Statement/ GPF Statement
  • Yearly Salary Statement: Paid and Projected - Employee wise
  • Increment List for month wise and Increment History
  • Arrears Statement – Promotional Arrears, Salary Arrears, Salary Structure Arrears for all / individual employee
  • Employee Particulars (Official & Personal) – Detailed and Consolidated (User Defined Fields)
  • Employee Salary A/C – Detailed / Consolidated.
  • Employee Loan statements
  • Employee Salary Certificate
  • Employee Information

    Official / Personal / Salary Structure (allowances, deductions, and remittances)