Staff Information

HR spends significant time in managing employee Data by typically paper-based. This is extremely expensive, time-consuming. Automation is done here by employee self login and results in savings in time, effort and qualitative improvement, speedy decision making, enhanced employee satisfaction

  • Employee Profile
  • Competency Metric
  • Contact
  • Training Detail
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Goal Setting Detail
  • Dependants
  • Language
  • Immigration
  • Attachment
  • Jobs & Assets
  • Allowance
  • Reporting
  • Salary
  • Experience
  • Insurance
  • Education
  • Staff accommodation module

It keeps all necessary details of the employee such as employee code, grade, designation, joining date, contact details, immigration information, job assignment, skill, basic salary details.
Apart from this, it also keeps a record of every employee's week off, probation period, shift and late mark.

Tracking employee information

It also gives notice on the duration of the notice, the asset issue, the pending loan, and the leaves, and prepares the company to complete and final settlement, feedback for the company, salary history, and reasons.

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