Attendance taking and tracking is the time-consuming and tiring task in school. In many schools attendance marking is still performed manually, and there is a greater chance of error to fill student attendance. Hence, our school attendance software makes relief from manual work of attendance fills. Attendance module is user-oriented and user-friendly for STUDENTS

The main benefit of attendance software is it reduces the use of paper and maintains accuracy. You can manage school student attendance easily with the help of our system which is connected to the school web portal so parents will see student attendance anytime. The Duke Infosys school attendance software provides instant alerts about student absences via SMS to their parents. In both classroom settings and workplace, attendance may be mandatory. Poor attendance by a student in a class may affect their grades or other evaluations. Poor attendance may also reflect problems in a student's personal situation, and is an indicator that "students are not developing the knowledge and skills needed for later success".