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Web Based School ERP

Our organization, Duke Infosys, specializes in providing innovative technology solutions for educational institutions, and we believe that our Duke School ERP system can significantly enhance the learning experience at your organization. The School ERP system is a comprehensive software solution that can help streamline and automate various administrative processes, including admissions, attendance tracking, fee management, academic management, and more.

By implementing the proposed School ERP system, software can benefit from the following:

1. Streamlined administrative processes:The School ERP system can significantly reduce the time and effort required to manage various administrative processes, allowing school staff to focus on other important tasks.

2.Increased efficiency:The system can automate many processes, minimizing the possibility of errors and improving overall efficiency.

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3. Improved communication: The system can improve communication between school staff, students, and parents, ensuring that everyone is kept informed of important news and events.

4. Enhanced analysis:The system can provide detailed reports on various aspects of school operations, helping school administrators make data-driven decisions.

We believe that implementing the proposed School ERP system can significantly enhance the learning experience at Impact On the lives of the students at your organization.

The proposed School ERP system for your organization includes the following features

1. Admissions Management

Our School ERP system includes an Admissions Management module that streamlines the entire admissions process, from online application submission to Selection Process, to admission fee payment. The system maintains a history sheet of each student, including the status of their application, up to selection or rejection.

2. Student Management

In this module, we gather comprehensive information about students, including their personal information, category, caste, parents' details, guardian information, and official or personal particulars. Moreover, we provide personalized settings for transport routes, associated charges, fee concessions, local guardian details, health remarks, and personalized remarks for individual students, as determined by the institution authorities. Additionally, we enable tracking of students' siblings studying in the same school.


New Admissions - Class wise / Class Section wise / Subject Group wise
Student Information - Detailed / Consolidated (User defined fields) /Class Wise
Student Transport Details - Route wise / Stop wise / Area wise / Class Section wise
Students Strength - Class wise / Class Section wise / All Classes with Boys / Girls Strength
Totals Subject Group wise Strength – Class wise / Class Section wise / Subject Group wise
School Leaving report/ SLC List

3. Fee Management

Our Fee Management module streamlines the process of collecting and managing student fees, allowing for easy generation of receipts and comprehensive reports on fee collections. Our software seamlessly integrates with payment gateways to ensure secure and prompt transactions. Students and parents can access their login accounts to view detailed records of their fee payments and outstanding balances. With our innovative solution, fee management becomes hassle-free, efficient, and secure.

Managing student fees is a critical aspect of revenue management for educational institutions. Our software provides an easy-to-use solution that simplifies the collection and management of fees for anyone responsible for this task. During the admission process, schools can input all necessary student details to facilitate report creation and data retrieval as needed. Our software also enables the printing of fee receipts during admission or new semester times, and supports fee collection in cash, cheque, or other forms.

Our software offers numerous features for managing fee-related data, including fee structure creation, concession management, fee collection, refunds, advances, and defaulter lists. These functions are supported by a payment management module that boasts a variety of benefits, such as an intelligent and user-friendly interface, a reliable and well-structured system, quick and easy use, and 24/7 operational support. The system is also safe and secure, providing peace of mind to users.

Parents and guardians benefit from our software as well, as it allows for online payment of fees from anywhere and at any time, eliminating the need to rush to schools or banks and stand in long queues for hours. Key benefitsfor parentsinclude safe and secure online payments, fast and easy payment ofschool fees, and the ability to pay fees online anytime according to their convenience.

In summary, our innovative automated school fee management software offers a hassle-free solution for schools and institutes to manage their fees effectively, while enabling parents and guardians to pay fees online and stay stress-free. Take advantage of our advanced online education model and manage your school the smart way!

4. Pocket Money Ledger

Our software enables parentsto effortlessly keep track of their children's pocket money by maintaining a ledger. With the help of a payment gateway integrated into the Parent App, parents can conveniently add funds to their children's Pocket Money Account. Furthermore, our Pocket Money Module provides a comprehensive expense breakdown, allowing parents to see precisely how their child's pocket money was spent, in relation to deposits. This information is readily available for parents to view in the Pocket Money Ledger.

5. Academic Money Ledger

Our Academic Management module can manage student examination/class test records, generate report cards, and provide detailed academic reports. The module also includes customizable templates for report cards that can be designed as per CBSE guidelines. This module also includes a Holistic Report Card feature, which provides comprehensive feedback on each student’s academic, co-curricular, and extra-curricular performance. Holistic Report Card. This report card aims to provide a more comprehensive evaluation of a student's performance by assessing not only their academic achievements but also their life skills and values.

The Holistic Report Card will consist of two parts: the academic performance assessment and the co￾ scholastic assessment. The academic performance assessment will cover the usual subjects taught in school and will be graded on a 5-point scale (A to E). The co-scholastic assessment will evaluate the student's life skills, values, and attitudes in areas such as sports, music, art, health, and hygiene. The co￾ scholastic assessment will be graded on a 3-point scale (A to C).

The Holistic Report Card aims to encourage students to develop their life skills and values alongside their academic performance. It will also help teachers and parents to identify areas where students need improvement and provide appropriate support and guidance. The CBSE hopes that the implementation of the Holistic Report Card will promote the all-round development of students and help them to become responsible and productive citizens. This module also offers a comprehensive software solutionfor implementing the CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) Examination system as prescribed by the C.B.S.E. It features the following configurable entities:

Unlimited number of grading patterns for different classes
Unlimited number of subject attachments
User-friendly mark settings system for different exam terms
Subject priority settings for appearance in mark sheets and other reports
Optional Subject Allocation
Creation of multi-level subjects and relative grades or descriptive remarks for junior classes
Separate exam roll number allotment class-wise or class-section wise.


According to Latest CBSE CCE pattern.
No need for teachers to maintain separate student file and portfolio
Saves teachers time by 80% and teachers workload reduces by 95%
No calculations required i.e. Periodic Tests + Subject Enrichment + Notebook etc. All calculations are done automatically.
Automatic report card generation
We will also keep track of class test
Report card based on CBSE model report cards.
Cumulative report card for IX and X could be printed.
Multiple descriptive indicators shall be automatically converted to single grade
Student Information System with option of sending SMS to parents
Health Module to record health details of the student
Attendance Module for marking attendance ofthe students with absentstudent SMS alerts and monthly attendance register and various attendance analysis reports

6. Attendance Tracking

The Attendance Tracking module automates attendance tracking and reporting, including absences, late arrivals, and early departures. The module also allows teachers to enter attendance manually, and generates detailed reports for teachers, parents, and administrators.

7. Student Leave Request and Approval Module

Introduction: We propose the implementation of a Student Leave Request and Approval Module to streamline the leave request process and enhance communication between students, parents, and school authorities. This module will enable students to submit leave requests through an online platform, and school authorities can approve or reject requests through the same platform.

Features: The objectives of this module are as follows:

a.To provide a more efficient and transparent system for leave request management

b.To reduce the administrative burden on school authorities

c.To increase the accuracy and speed of leave approval

d.To provide a more efficient and transparent system for leave request management

Features:The following features will be included in the Student Leave Request and Approval Module:

a. Online Leave Request Form:Students will be able to submit leave requests through an online form, which will include details such as the reason for leave, the duration of leave, and the date of return.

b. Automatic Notification:School authorities will be automatically notified of the new leave request, and they can approve or reject the request through the platform.

c. Leave Status Tracking:Students and parents can track the status of their leave requests through the platform, and they will receive notifications when their request is approved or rejected.

d. Leave History:: The module will maintain a record of all leave requests submitted by each student, which can be used for future reference.

e. Reporting:The module will generate reports on leave requests, including the number of requests, the reasons for leave, and the duration of leave.

Benefits: The implementation of the Student Leave Request and Approval Module will provide the following benefits:

a. Increased Efficiency:The module will reduce the time and effort required for leave request management, allowing school authorities to focus on other important tasks.

b. Improved Communication:The module will enhance communication between students, parents, and school authorities regarding leave requests, ensuring that everyone is informed of the status of the request.

c. Transparency:The module will provide transparency in the leave approval process, allowing students and parents to track the status of their requests and understand the reasons for any rejections.

d. Accurate Reporting:The module will generate accurate reports on leave requests, providing valuable insights into the reasons for leave and the duration of leave taken by each student.

8. Library Management

Our proposed Library Management module provides an efficient and userfriendly system for managing school library inventory, issuing and returning books, and generating reports on library usage. The module allows for the maintenance of records of books, periodicals, and electronic media such as newspapers, magazines, CDs, audio, and video cassettes, as well as the creation of configurable entities including subject streams and sub-streams, user-defined subcategories of library items, and user-defined accession number series for books, periodicals, and electronic media.


The Library Management module offers a user-friendly issue/return/re-issue process .
It allows for detailed library accounts of issue groups, and yearly item reservation by issue groups.
Provision for specimen/reference/general/textbook categorization, physical positioning of items across almirahs and racks, and subscription renewal/extension for periodicals is also available.
Reminder notices are sent to members for overdue title issues.
Our software uses advanced search engine data mining to make recommendations of titles by issue groups.
Our software also has a binding issue and receipt system, verification system based on criteria, and a stock transfer system.
The use of barcode technology in our software allows for easy member and title identification during issue, receipt, stock verification, and other activities. Our software can be integrated with a Barcode system.
Our software generates various reports, including supplier lists, configurable entity reports such as subject stream/sub-stream lists and issue groups, accession registers for books, periodicals, and electronic media, issue/return reports for all issue groups (i.e. staff members wise/studentwise/class section-wise), daily/monthly fine collection reports, items binding status (issue and pending) reports, lost/damaged/discarded items reports, recommendation lists by staff and students, books position reports, stock verification reports, and catalogues of items


The implementation of our Library Management module offers the following benefits: • Streamlines the library management process, making it more efficient and reducing administrative burden.

Provides a more user-friendly interface for teachers and students to reserve books online.
Enables the school to maintain an accurate record of its library inventory and usage.
Enhances communication between staff, students, and parents regarding library items.
Improves the accuracy and speed of generating library reports.


Supplier List
Printing Reports for all the Configurable Entities defined like Subject Stream/ Sub-Stream List, Issuegroups, etc)
Accession Register – for Books/ Periodicals/ Electronic Media and Sub-entities (with user defined fields)
Issue / Return - Reportsfor all Issue groups (i.e. Staff Members wise / Student Wise / Class Section Wise)
Daily / Monthly Fine collection Reports
Items Binding Status (Issue and Pending) Report
Lost/ Damaged/ Discarded Items Report
Recommendation List –By Staff / By Students
Books Position Report
Stock Verification Reports
Catalogues of Items

9. Communication Management Module

Introduction: Effective communication between parents, teachers, and students is essential for a successful education system. Our Communication Management module is designed to facilitate communication between these stakeholders and streamline the process of sending and receiving notices, circulars, and other important announcements.


a. Multi-Channel Communication:Our module includes multiple channels of communication such as email, SMS, and push notifications to ensure that parents, teachers, and students receive important

b. Customizable Templates:The module includes customizable templates for different types of messages such as emergency alerts, school closures, and event reminders. This feature ensures that the message content is consistent and relevant.

c. Group Messaging:The module allows for group messaging, which enables the sending of messages to specific groups such as a particular class, grade, or school.

d. Language Support:Our Communication Management module supports multiple languages to ensure that all stakeholders can communicate effectively, regardless of their primary language.

e. Reports:The module generates reports on message delivery and response rates, providing insights into the effectiveness of communication efforts.

f. Integration:The module can be integrated with the school's existing student information system and other modules to enable seamless communication and data transfer.


a. Improved Communication:Our Communication Management module ensures that parents, teachers, and students receive timely and relevant information, reducing the likelihood of miscommunication or confusion.

b. Increased Parental Involvement:The module provides an easy and efficient way for parents tostay informed about their child's education, which can increase parental involvement and engagement.

c. Enhanced Safety:The module enables schools to quickly communicate emergency alerts and other critical information, ensuring the safety of students and staff.

d. Efficient Resource Management:The module reduces the administrative burden of sending notices and circulars by automating the process, allowing teachers and administrators to focus onother tasks.

Conclusion:Effective communication is vital for the success of any education system. Our Communication Management module provides an efficient and streamlined way for schools to communicate with parents, teachers, and students, ensuring that everyone stays informed and engaged. With its customizable templates, multi-channel communication, and integration capabilities, our module is an essential tool for any modern education system.

10. Visitor Entry Module for Boarding Schools

Introduction:Ensuring the safety and security of students in boarding schools is of paramount importance. Our Visitor Entry module provides a secure and efficient way for parents to enter the premises while maintaining safety protocols.


a. E-Pass Generation:The module generates an E-Pass for parents after completing the registration process, which ensures that only authorized visitors are allowed to enter the school premises.

b. Registration Process:The module includes a registration process that requires parents to provide relevant personal information and identification documents before they are allowed to enter the school premises.

c. Real-time Monitoring:The module allows administrators to monitor the movement of visitors in real-time, ensuring that they remain in authorized areas and do not pose a risk to the safety of students.

d. Customizable Settings:The module includes customizable settings for the registration process, such as the number of visitors allowed per student and the duration of the visit.

e. Integration:The module can be integrated with the school's existing security system to ensure a seamless and efficient visitor entry process.


a. Enhanced Safety:Our Visitor Entry module ensures that only authorized visitors are allowed to enter the school premises, reducing the risk of unauthorized access and ensuring the safety and security of students.

b. Efficient Process:The registration process and E-Pass generation are automated, reducing the administrative burden on staff and ensuring a streamlined process.

c. Real-time Monitoring:The module allows administrators to monitor the movement of visitors in real-time, ensuring that they remain in authorized areas and do not pose a risk to the safety of students.

d. Customizable Settings: The module includes customizable settings for the registration process, allowing schools to tailor the visitor entry process to their specific needs.

Conclusion:Ensuring the safety and security of students in boarding schools is a top priority. Our Visitor Entry module provides a secure and efficient way for parents to enter the premises while maintaining safety protocols. With its customizable settings, real-time monitoring, and integration capabilities, our module is an essential tool for any boarding school looking to enhance their safety

11. HR Management

Configurable Entities

a)‘n’ number of Pay Scales

b)‘n’ number of Designations with printing priorities preferences Allowances, Deductions and Remittances User Defined Formula Based Allowances, Deductions and Remittances

Salary Calculation

a)Salary generation

b)Designation wise / Employee wise

c)User Friendly Employee Record Tracking System

d)Promotion and Increment of Employee

e)Provision for providing Arrears deductions and Payments (e.g. DA arrears/ PF Loans or any other Allowance or Deduction)

f)Individual Employee

g)Employee wise Advance Income Tax calculation and Income Tax Calculation

h)Easy Search through multi-option like Employee Name, his Father’s, Spouse and Nominee name, Transport Options, Qualifications, Important Dates (e.g. date of appointment, annual increment, retirement, etc.)

Employee Information

Official / Personal / Salary Structure (allowances, deductions and remittances)


a)Monthly Salary Statements & Salary Slip

b)Monthly Bank Statement/ PF Statement/ GPF Statement

c)Yearly Salary Statement: Paid and Projected - Employee wise

d)Increment List for month wise and Increment History

e)Arrears Statement – Promotional Arrears, Salary Arrears, Salary Structure Arrears for all / individual employee

f)Employee Particulars (Official & Personal) – Detailed and Consolidated (User Defined Fields) Employee Salary A/C – Detailed / Consolidated.

g)Employee Loan statements

h)Employee Salary Certificate

12. Inventory Management System

Our Inventory Management System module can manage the school’s inventory, including equipment, assets, and supplies, and generate detailed reports on inventory usage and maintenance.


a)The Inventory module deals with all sundry purchases, issuance of items and maintenance of stock availability.

b)Purchase order generation with complete details.

c)Complete in ware and out ware stock summary.

d)Any level of grouping and item classification categories wise.

e)Number of configurable units of measurement and conversion.

f)Purchases and Purchase returns can be made with purchase tax calculation

g)Multiple supplier support.

h)Supplier payments tracking & reflected in account payment voucher.

i)Scraped item details can also be recorded.

j)Item Sales / Issue details can be recorded.

k)Stock adjustment can be made in case of invalid stock.

l)Available Stock of items can be viewed.

m)Detailslike Sales, Purchase, Stock adjustment and scrap can also be viewed.

13. Boarding School Hostel/Dormitory Management Module

Introduction:Boarding schools provide a unique opportunity for students to live, learn, and grow in a supportive and structured environment. Our Hostel/Dormitory Management module is designed to simplify the management of boarding school accommodations, providing a safe and comfortable living experience for students.


a. Room Allocation: The module allows administrators to allocate rooms to students based on their preferences, age, and other relevant criteria.

b. Occupancy Management:The module includes features for managing occupancy, including check-in/check-out, room transfers, and bed allocation.

c. Meal Management:The module includes a meal management system, allowing administrators to track and manage student meals, including meal preferences, dietary restrictions, and special requests.

d. Maintenance Management:The module allows administrators to track and manage maintenance issues, including repair requests and scheduling maintenance tasks.

e. Attendance Management:The module includes features for tracking student attendance in the hostel/dormitory, allowing administrators to identify and address any attendance-related issues.

f. Communication Management:The module includes features for facilitating communication between students, parents, and hostel staff, including email, SMS, and push notifications.


a. Enhanced Student Experience:Our Hostel/Dormitory Management module provides a safe and comfortable living experience for students, enhancing their overall boarding school experience.

b. Streamlined Management:The module streamlines the management of boarding school accommodations, reducing administrative burden and freeing up time for staff to focus on other

c. Improved Communication:The module facilitates communication between students, parents, and hostel staff, improving transparency and promoting a collaborative approach to hostel management.

d. Efficient Operations:The module includes features for managing occupancy, meal management, maintenance management, attendance management, security management, and communication management, ensuring efficient hostel operations.

14. Financial Accounting

At Duke Infosys, we understand the importance of managing your school's finances effectively. That's why we offer a comprehensive Financial Accounting module designed to streamline critical business functions like budgeting, invoicing, and generating financial reports.

Our software solutions are designed to centralize financial data and procurement information, optimizing operations and improving efficiency across your school. With features like company creation, voucher entry, cash book, trial balance, and daybook, you can manage your school's financial data accurately and efficiently.

Our financial management software empowers you to make informed budget decisions by focusing on outcomes and results. We prioritize accuracy and compliance to ensure that your school's finances are always in order.

Partner with Duke Infosys today and take the first step towards transforming your school's financial management and accounting operations. With our expertise and cutting-edge software solutions, you can streamline your school's financial processes and focus on what matters most: providing the best possible education to your students.

15. Transport Management Module for Schools

Introduction:Our Transport Management module is designed to provide an efficient and secure solution for managing the transportation system of schools. The software will help schools to optimize their transport operations, ensure student safety, and streamline their transportationrelated processes.


a. Bus Route and Schedule Management:The module enables schools to define bus routes, stops, and schedules. The software can also automatically generate the optimal route and schedule based on the locations of students.

b. Student and Driver Management:Our software allows schools to maintain a record of all students who use the transportation facility, along with their pick-up and drop-off locations. The module also provides driver details, such as driver license information, experience, and contact information.

c. Fee Collection:The module allows schools to collect transportation fees from parents through an online payment gateway. The software can also generate invoices and receipts automatically.

d. Vehicle Maintenance and Expense Management:Our software provides features for maintaining the vehicles, tracking expenses, including fuel expenses, and scheduling maintenance tasks.

e. Reporting and Analytics:The module provides detailed reports on transportation operations, such as vehicle usage, fuel expenses, student transportation details, and more. The software also includes analytics that can help schools optimize their transportation operations.

16. DAK Management System

Our DAK Management System module provides a complete solution for managing your school's incoming and outgoing mail. Our software is designed to simplify the communication process and provide detailed reports on communication, ensuring that important messages are not lost or missed.

With our module, you can track all incoming and outgoing mail, including letters, packages, and other documents. Our system allows you to organize, sort, and track mail based on sender, recipient, date, and priority, ensuring that important messages are always delivered on time.

Our software also allows you to generate detailed reports on your school's communication, including statistics on the volume of mail, response times, and more. This feature ensures that you have complete visibility into your school's communication operations and can make informed decisions to optimize your communication strategy.

Additionally, our module includes features for managing your school's communication budget, including tracking expenses related to postage and other communication costs. With Duke Infosys, you can streamline your school's communication process and optimize your budget, ensuring that you always have the resources you need to communicate effectively. Partner with us today and take the first step towards transforming your school's communication operations.

17. Students Certificates

Our Students Certificates module offers a comprehensive solution for managing different types of certificates for your school's students. With our software, you can streamline the entire process of certificate management, including issuance, verification, and storage.

Our software provides customizable templates for different types of certificates, including School Leaving, Studying Certificate, Date of Birth, and Character certificates. These templates can be tailored to meet your school's specific requirements, ensuring that the certificates issued are professional and accurate.

Our module allows you to easily track the issuance and verification of certificates, including the ability to view the status of certificates and generate reports on certificate usage. You can also store digital copies of certificates securely in our software, reducing the need for physical storage space.

In addition, our software can be integrated with other modules such as Student Records and Communication Management, allowing for seamless communication with students, parents, and faculty members.

Partner with us today and take the first step towards streamlining your school's certificate management process, ensuring accuracy and compliance while saving time and resources.

18. Mess Management Module

We are pleased to introduce our Mess Management module, which is specifically designed for schools and institutions to streamline their mess operations. Our software offers three essential features, including Inventory Management, Menu Planning, and Student Meal Costing.

i) Mess Inventory Management:

The Inventory Management feature of our software will help manage the inventory of the mess by tracking the stock of ingredients required to prepare meals. This feature ensures that the necessary ingredients are always available to prepare meals, and the mess operations run smoothly without any interruption.

ii) Menu Planning:

The Menu Planning feature of our software will allow the mess staff to plan the menu in advance. This feature ensures that students receive balanced meals that meet their nutritional requirements. Our software offers a user-friendly interface for menu planning, making it easy for mess staff to plan weekly or monthly menus according to the institution's dietary guidelines.

iii) Student Meal Costing:

Our software calculates the per day meal cost per student, which helps schools and institutions to optimize their resources and control expenses. This feature allows the mess staff to keep track of the cost of each meal served to the students and ensures transparency in the meal costing process.

Conclusion:Our Mess Management module is a one-stop solution for schools and institutions to streamline their mess operations. Our software offers features such as Inventory Management, Menu Planning, and Student Meal Costing, which help schools and institutions to run their mess efficiently and cost-effectively. Partner with us today and take the first step towards optimizing your institution's mess operations.

19. School Maintenance Module

The software will enable your school to manage the maintenance of the school premises, including dorm maintenance, residence maintenance, and other school maintenance. It will have the following features:

i) Maintenance Scheduling:

The software will enable the school administration to schedule maintenance activities, assign tasks to maintenance staff, and track their progress.

ii) Inventory Management:

The software will help manage the inventory of maintenance equipment and supplies, ensuring that the required items are always available for maintenancetasks.

iii) Work Order Management:

The software will allow students and staff to submit maintenance requests, track the status of their requests, and receive updates on the progress of their requests.

Other Modules :We have several other module comprises of the detailed specialized modules for storing information about Student Health record ,Discipline, Student Activities Port Folio, School Portfolio etc. It sounds like you have a comprehensive system for storing and managing student information. Having specialized modules for student health records, disciplinary details, co-curricular activities, and projects and assignments can help ensure that all relevant information is stored in an organized and accessible manner. By storing students' infirmary records and medical records, you can easily track their health history and identify any trends or patterns that may require further attention. Additionally, having access to students' disciplinary records can help you monitor their behaviour and take appropriate action when necessary.

20. Data Migration

Our team has extensive experience in data migration and is well-versed in handlingvarious types of data, including student information, attendance records, financial data, and more. We will ensure that all data is accurately transferred to the new ERP system and that the data is consistent, complete, and reliable. We will prefer that you will provide raw data in Excel format andwe will import all data in to new software. If you have an existing software then Our data migration process includes the following steps:

1. Assessment of your current data:We will work with you to assess your current data and determine the necessary data fields that need to be migrated to the new system.

2. Data cleansing:We will clean up your data to ensure that it is free of duplicates, errors, and inconsistencies.

3. Data mapping:We will map the data fields from your existing system to the new ERP system.

4. Data extraction:We will extract the data from your existing system and prepare it for migration.

5. Data validation:We will validate the data after the migration process to ensure that it is accurate and complete.

Keeping track of students' co-curricular activities, such as participation in debates, sports events, seminars, and study tours, can help you identify theirinterests and strengths, and provide opportunities for them to further develop these areas.

Finally, tracking students' projects and assignments can help you monitor their academic progress, identify areas where they may need additional support or guidance, and provide feedback to help them improve.

Overall, having specialized modules for each of these areas can help you better understand and support your students, and ensure that they receive the resources and assistance they need to succeed

The software is built on cutting-edge technology framework, making it a robust, secure, flexible, powerful, and efficient tool to handle complex processes and deliver maximum performance. It is easy to deploy and operate, and can seamlessly integrate with other systems and devices, such as biometric systems, payment systems, transportation systems, library systems, OMR software, and more. It can also be integrated with your school's website or portal, and fully configurable to provide appropriate access to the wider school community, including teachers, students, and parents. The software provides the management with detailed Management Information System (MIS) reports on a single click, empowering them with valuable insights and analytics.

We recognize that in the fast-paced world of today, accessing information on the go has become a crucial need. Our system is designed to keep up with thistrend and includes a sleek and feature-packed MOBILE APPLICATION. This mobile application is fully integrated with the ERP system and can be used on most Android devices.

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